about MacCarthy & Associates

A bespoke law firm that is made up of dynamic innovators who combine a deep understanding of the technical rudiments of our law with a unique ability to adjust to the shifting tides of our legal system.


MacCarthy and Associates is an Accra-based law firm that is driven by our desire to fight for our clients. Here, we understand your rights and realize that our responsibility as lawyers is to protect them.

our logo
  • Purple - The purple connotes the fact that we view and treat our clients as royalty. You are our kings and queens and we are here to serve you.
  • White - The white represents our impartiality and our availability to work with and work for anyone regardless of color, orientation and belief system
  • Grey - The grey represents the maturity and stability with which we carry out our business. We are not moved by situations and remain immovable and resilient in all situations until our clients are satisfied.

our philosophy

The primary objective for our formation is to provide superior legal services to our clients. However, we recognise that merely rendering legal services forms a minute proportion of what clients require of present-day lawyers. In addition to legal advice, we provide client focused services that are aimed at ensuring clients achieve their overall objectives, be it as an individual or body corporate. This philosophy requires a deeper understanding of the law and being abreast with the ever-changing sector.

We also understand that for our clients, litigation can be filled with uncertainty and can be emotionally draining. That is why we commit to providing you with the support, attention, and consideration that you deserve. We are always ready to listen carefully to your concerns, and we work hand in hand with you to overcome any obstacles. At MacCarthy and Associates we fight your battles to win them. We simply play by the rules because winning the right way is the only way we know.

This philosophy is deeply patronized by our client base and clearly understood by our lawyers. You are guaranteed Excellence with Integrity, Schedule an appointment!

our expertise

Our Lawyers have practiced various types of civil and criminal litigation in various capacities and courts. We know the law and we have the practical experience to back it up. We have argued and tried cases at all levels of the court system.

At our firm, our ultimate goal is to protect and pursue the rights of our clients. With a significant amount of collective experience, we are well qualified and committed to securing the best legal outcomes for individuals who require the skill and compassion of our attorneys. That means we would go above-and-beyond in ensuring the protection of your rights.

Lawyers are often accused of being bad managers and not in sync with changing times and seasons. However, at MacCarthy and Associates we adopt modern and efficient methods in order to achieve the best results for our clients.

Contrary to popular belief, legal action is not a business of sales. You can therefore expect an unbiased evaluation on the merits, the drawbacks, as well as the costs and benefits of proceeding with the case. Our modernized, hands-on approach ensures that you get personalized attention.