Christabel Delali Dumashie


Christabel Delali Dumashie is a student of the University of Professional studies, Accra currently pursuing a Bachelor of Laws. She is a motivated individual with the ability to work hard and to build on scholarly conduct, she has actively participated in a few legal extracurricular activities earning certifications from a number of them. However, apart from her interest in law, she loves to delve into other areas of life. She joined the SG ICT center gaining experience and knowledge in IT and obtained a certificate. She is a person with a number of leadership experiences from various academic levels and served as an intern at Axis Legal, she is currently serving as an intern with MacCarthy and Associates. She stands out because of her steady zeal for the law. She is an enthusiastic and motivated individual who strives to learn to expand skills, gain valuable real-world experiences among many others. She has a genuine avidity for advocating justice. With interest in a vast the various areas of law with particular interests in International law, Criminal law, Family law and Litigation. Christabel loves to read interesting materials, novels, sing and explore new options.